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So! Here is my order from Electric Laundry!

In the first photo you can see that they did not make this bra in the size I specified, which was a 34D. This is obviously a 38, at least. I can stretch it even farther than in the photo off of my back. It does not stay on.

In the second photo, this is a bra they were supposed to redo in pastel colors. Which is clearly not done. I don’t even know what is going on with the halter strap, or why it is SO EXTREMELY LARGE.

In the third photo you can see that the bustle and the top do not even match, whatsoever. At all. Oh, by the way it’s a Sylveon costume. I know, you can’t tell.

The next photo shows the push-up and unattractive shape. I did not ask for push-up. Both of my bras are push-up, so much that I can’t even fit into them anymore.

I asked for an extra bow on the side, and it came hot-glued on a huge metal clip which I had to carefully rip off, and there is still damage from the glue.

And lastly, this is how Electric Laundry treats their dissatisfied customers. Telling me I was confused (I am a 34D, but if they didn’t have the materials I can fit a 34C). They also told me they would “call the police” on me if I contacted them again. They refuse to let me send the outfits back or give me any refund whatsoever. They have also informed me that they knew I would complain.

There are also glue strings everywhere.

I am appalled by this company. I would seriously urge you to not order from them and spread the word about this awful company.

Looks like I will be putting together my Paradiso outfit last minute.

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